Saeed Research Studio’s first project in Lahore is THP -The Happieee Place. It is an artist-run space which understands the need and the urgency of bringing people together to create and build a community around learning new ways of seeing and making. THP is an apolitical – social learning space for adults and kids.

It aims to put art and design in conversation with medicine, history, engineering, robotics, IT, law, social sciences, anthropology, culinary arts and more to develop a cross-cutting and honest sensibility towards our methods of thinking, creating and exhibiting.

THP is designed to inspire a childlike playfulness and curiosity which is the source of the most creative and innovative ideas. To facilitate The Happieee Place’s vision, we have four spaces,

  • ArtLab
  • Bindery
  • Palate
  • BookYard

ArtLab is an experimental residency program, bringing people from two professions to create dialogue, works, and publications throughout the year and also serves as a gallery space.

Bindery offers the education programs for the community related to paper, binding, and book-arts and hopefully one day will be restoring books and working on paper conservation.

Palate plays with the culinary curiosities and stimulates the little joys/awakenings in our mind through food performances or daily bites.

BookYard is our collection of books from the old bookshops around Lahore and hopefully across Pakistan which one can purchase or read in the yard.

We want artists, technologists, lawyers, doctors, and people from diverse professions to work together to have a dialogue about reality, data visualization and analysis, computer vision, interactive performance, computer neural networks, multichannel video/sound, and so much more.

This interdisciplinary dialogue leading to thought provocation and/or creation of new works of art, products, designs, books, and other solutions guide all of THP’s workshops and residency programs.

P.S. The Happieee Place is a smoke-free premises (indoors and outdoors).